genius hour #2

On my last blog I typed up and published, my topic was if people over react to topics such as sensitivity, racism, and others. Overall I didn’t understand what Genius Hour was, I didn’t know we were creating a website and doing things like that. I thought we were just going to write a blog on it and be done with it. I came up with that topic while Jonah was my partner. He was doing World War II, and I told him that mine was better, while it really was not. Looking back that would have been a better topic at the time. When it came time to do the presentation, me and him did not do a good job at all on the presentation. We were not ready for it and we just stood up there with nothing to say that whole time. That inspired us to change our topic. It took us like two weeks to come up with a new topic. We thought up ideas, like researching the titanic, but all of those had no gain for other people. We looked on a website were 6th graders all put their ideas on their and it really helped. A lot of the topics were dumb though. One of the ones on there was how to create a website, which is funny since we are creating a website for genius hour. We chose our new topic after the websites were created, so we are behind on that. Our new topic is improving your hand eye coordination. I can not say I am very qualified to help someone improve theirs, this is more for myself, if anything. If this blog felt stretched out to get as many words as possible then you are not wrong to feel that way.

Buena Vista

I went to Buena Vista private college. It was okay. I really liked the tour guides that were giving us the tour around the college. After a bus ride on a charter bus that took awhile, we got there. I do not remember that much about the tour. We saw some classes. The chairs the college students sit in are really comfortable and I do not get how the college kids do not fall asleep in their very comfy chairs. At one point we went to a Museum they had. There was a dead bear that they had standing up. They also had tigers hung up on the wall and the ceiling. They also had one layed out on the floor like a carpet. We had lunch there, it was an all you can eat buffet. So what did I do? Ate french fries and a lot of ice cream. I figured if this is free to me I will take advantage. We went out on their football field and it was a very nice one. I bet if you kicked a field goal out their the ball would sail out onto the nearby lake. This college looks like it would be fun to attend.

Genius Hour Project

For my genius hour project I am doing the subject of people who are too sensitive. A lot of people get confused on what is racist and what is not, what is sexist and what is not, and so on. Do not get me wrong, racism and sexism are still problems in the United States of America. If you think it isn’t, then you are not paying good enough attention. A lot of people though act like just saying “black” or “white” is racist, which it isn’t at all. Another thing is sexism. Some people who support the presidential candidate Hilary Clinton say to the people who don’t that they’re sexist. A good example of this happened in Australia a few years ago. The Santas in malls were asked to not say “HO HO HO” because it was offending people, so they changed it to “HA HA HA.” That is just ridiculous in my honest opinion.

Spring Break

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During spring break I went to D.C. and it was fun. The bus ride was a long one (about 20 hours), but it wasn’t all that bad and it didn’t feel like it took that long. The most annoying part was the stops. I understand completely why we did, for dinner, but It overall made us slow down the trip. We stopped around midnight and in the early morning for the bathroom, that was the worst.

When we got to D.C. there were police everywhere. The explanation for that is Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were having their respective rally’s. The police were just making sure no one would try to harm them and so they could get there on time. We went to the Capitol building, which was the low light of the trip honestly. It was just very quiet and there wasn’t much to do but look at some neat paintings and see were congress meets and where they used to meet.

My favorite thing we did was either 3 things. 1.) Going to George Washington’s house and seeing his grave (he wasn’t even buried) 2.) Seeing the Lincoln Memorial or Ford’s theater, or 3.) Seeing what is left of the Declaration of Independence. There was a lot of other fun things. For instance, we also went to Mt. Vernon, which is a cemetary for deceased soldiers and John F. Kennedy. We also visited the Holocaust museum. Here is a website about it. I think that website is worth checking out. That is all I have to say about D.C.


I had 7 posts on my blog. They were all from the student challenge, I did not write anything of my own interests, unless the student challenge said so. My blogs did not get many comments, as they were all basically from the teacher. This was probably because I rushed my blogs, and made them as long as I could to fit the minimum of words to have in order for it to fit the challenge. So none of my posts received the most comments, as the most comments they would have is one. I did not really have a post I liked the most, mostly because the word limits were big so I had to stretch them all out. If I had to pick one it would be my fun time with family post, because it was nice remembering my trip. In these past couple of months, I changed my theme for the Halloween challenge. It was fun to find pictures to put for your theme. I never really used widgets on my blog as I didn’t care for them. I don’t really think that my blog was popular with people oversees, as my blog was not very fun or interesting. So didn’t really enjoy blogging, it’s not my type of thing to write things like this.

Naughty Nature


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Nature is not made by people. Most of the time I am not out in the deep nature but it is nice to go out hiking every once in a while with the big trees and sunlight. There are, most of the time, lots of bugs, like beetles, fleas, and mosquitoes. That’s the annoying part of nature, the things out there that bite your skin. Or the killer ones, like the grizzly bears. There are next to no bears in Iowa so we’re fine. Except one person saw one in Iowa to the west and it attacked her. She just played dead and the dumb ole bear just walked away. She’s lucky, most bears would just eat a dead body. One person just pet it and actually survived. Here’s that story

Mosquitos are also deadly, too. If you left one on your arm, it would suck all your blood. I had a leach on me one time, I went swimming and when I came out there was a leach on my chest. I got it off before it did anything. One day I want to go to Colorado and see their mountains, they’re huge. Not Mt. Everest huge, but still huge. I wonder what animals are on those mountains. Probably not much. The cold air would also be refreshing to breath after the heat here during the summer here.

The beach is really some of the best nature. Even if the water is cold. It sucks if water gets in your mouth at all because it is all salty and bad tasting. According to movies like Jaws there are deadly Sharks everywhere that will kill you in the ocean, but that is not true. Shark attacks are very, very rare and they only injure most of the time. They don’t even want to eat us, they mistake us for seals, so they always spit humans out. Here is a site that shows that

Blogs I commented on

One kid I commented on was Mel, he talks about things he likes. He’s 11.

Another was Cobi’s blog, He wrote about saving trees and it was nice.

This was Tramere, she likes Football, Basketball, and Youtube.–library-class/posts?author=8mqnquznk7v5w20rrwkmps7mn

This is an 11 year old named Jason from Korea.

This is Daja, he likes Basketball and reading, born in 2004

This is Gracie, she likes to dance and art.

This kids name is Daniel’s sporty blog, although he said his name is Levi

This is Nate’s blog. He likes hockey and dancing.

Finally this is James, he likes to read and play basketball


We all like food in the United States of America. All countries do, though. A lot of people like fast food here, like McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King. Fast food resturants like those have cheeseburgers that are greasy or chicken nuggets. Not everyone likes those. Others are Subway, Were they are long sandwhiches and that’s the fast food resturant I like better than the others. We also have Taco Tico or Taco Bell. Taco Bell is probably more unhealthy. We have Buffolo Wild Wings and a Sports Page. Buffolo Wild Wings has wings with sauce that are pretty good. Sports Page just has the typical cheeseburgers and fries or nachos but they’re good.

Fun time with my family

When I was seven I went to Disney World. We go on vacation every year during the summer and so as soon as school got out the next day we went there. We didn’t take a plane, so for two days we drove 12 hours each. It was borCinderella_Castleing because we didn’t have our phones we do now. We got there then we spent about 3 or 4 days there. The Tower of Terror was scary because it goes to the top, you see a huge view, and you know you are going to drop, and then you do. We had passes so we didn’t have to wait in line except the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, which was 2 hours. My seat belt came undone and if I didn’t hang on I would have fell in side. My grandparents weren’t about that life so they did different attractions

Raise your voice

It is important to raise your voice so people can be aware of problems they might not have known about. Some people can not raise their voice, though. One situation were people can not raise their voice is slavery. In Africa a lot of chocolate companies force children to gather coco beans for our gain. Some have raised their voice, and some chocolate brands like Kit Kat changed their ways and stopped using it. A lot of people don’t seem to care, so few have done it besides them. Almost none of the kids there have ever even tasted chocolate, and some do not even know what their making. Americans in the south had to let go of their slaves. We should make them let go of their slaves. Another issue is bullying. This is another thing people dismiss, saying it is gone and that there is no point in talking about it, but that is just because a lot of people think it is in good fun and it is okay but it is not. Some people make fun of someone and give an excuse like It was not supposed to hurt his or her feelings it was supposed to be a joke. Another thing that some people do is just call them a baby and say it was a joke. Most of it all happens on social media, were people can really get away with it, or again, say it was a joke. Some cruel things can be said, sometimes not even on purpose. Like they will use sarcasm but the other person won’t get it. If you want some one to stop bullying you online then just simply block them. Or the best thing to do is ignore them. They are just people and their opinion doesn’t matter. Alright bye.