Raise your voice

It is important to raise your voice so people can be aware of problems they might not have known about. Some people can not raise their voice, though. One situation were people can not raise their voice is slavery. In Africa a lot of chocolate companies force children to gather coco beans for our gain. Some have raised their voice, and some chocolate brands like Kit Kat changed their ways and stopped using it. A lot of people don’t seem to care, so few have done it besides them. Almost none of the kids there have ever even tasted chocolate, and some do not even know what their making. Americans in the south had to let go of their slaves. We should make them let go of their slaves. Another issue is bullying. This is another thing people dismiss, saying it is gone and that there is no point in talking about it, but that is just because a lot of people think it is in good fun and it is okay but it is not. Some people make fun of someone and give an excuse like It was not supposed to hurt his or her feelings it was supposed to be a joke. Another thing that some people do is just call them a baby and say it was a joke. Most of it all happens on social media, were people can really get away with it, or again, say it was a joke. Some cruel things can be said, sometimes not even on purpose. Like they will use sarcasm but the other person won’t get it. If you want some one to stop bullying you online then just simply block them. Or the best thing to do is ignore them. They are just people and their opinion doesn’t matter. Alright bye.

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