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Nature is not made by people. Most of the time I am not out in the deep nature but it is nice to go out hiking every once in a while with the big trees and sunlight. There are, most of the time, lots of bugs, like beetles, fleas, and mosquitoes. That’s the annoying part of nature, the things out there that bite your skin. Or the killer ones, like the grizzly bears. There are next to no bears in Iowa so we’re fine. Except one person saw one in Iowa to the west and it attacked her. She just played dead and the dumb ole bear just walked away. She’s lucky, most bears would just eat a dead body. One person just pet it and actually survived. Here’s that story

Mosquitos are also deadly, too. If you left one on your arm, it would suck all your blood. I had a leach on me one time, I went swimming and when I came out there was a leach on my chest. I got it off before it did anything. One day I want to go to Colorado and see their mountains, they’re huge. Not Mt. Everest huge, but still huge. I wonder what animals are on those mountains. Probably not much. The cold air would also be refreshing to breath after the heat here during the summer here.

The beach is really some of the best nature. Even if the water is cold. It sucks if water gets in your mouth at all because it is all salty and bad tasting. According to movies like Jaws there are deadly Sharks everywhere that will kill you in the ocean, but that is not true. Shark attacks are very, very rare and they only injure most of the time. They don’t even want to eat us, they mistake us for seals, so they always spit humans out. Here is a site that shows that

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